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5G's Connectivity and Speed to Benefit Trucking Logistics

Both within the transportation industry, trucking and logistics go hand in hand. Advances in technology are not only rolling out exciting new trucks and trailers, but it's also rolling out technology to benefit logistical operations. One such technology is 5G, and it's going to be creating dynamic changes across the country and around the globe.  

Logistics to Benefit from 5G

Inbound Logistics explains how 5G is forecasted to have the most noticeable benefit on the logistics industry, from its "increased connectivity and speed."

  • Complete Cargo Tracking (Start to Finish)
    • No Dead Zones
    • Route Optimization
    • No Drained Networks
  • Cheaper Sensors for Complete Traceability
    • Single Item Tracking
    • Faster Inventory Accounting
    • Fewer Theft Opportunities
  • Quicker Diagnostics and Over-the-Road Repairs
    • Virtual Remote Mechanic Support
    • Augmented Reality Integration 

5G is Here, But We're Not Ready to See the Benefits

It's been all over the news, and it's all about speed. Found on Tom's Guide, we remember the mobile phone advancements, from 2G to 4G. With 3G, the smartphone made its debut, and 4G gave us the speed to have the array of mobile apps at our fingertips. "5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication standards." 

As of 2019, 5G is out. However, will we see this speed? As the author puts it, "5G is already here, but unless the stars of your location, the wireless carrier you subscribe to, and the smartphone you own are perfectly aligned, you probably can't use it yet."

As pointed out, 2020 will start the move towards 5G connectivity, and it will take several years for the transition to reach into the billions. "There will be 2.8 billion 5G connections by 2025." The fast connectivity going to be with many devices.

As 5G Speeds Ahead, MTE Continues to be Your Complete Service Provider

Michigan Truck & Equipment (MTE) is your complete service provider, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Whatever the technology advances, we will continue to employ the best ASE-Certified technicians along with the latest diagnostics and equipment to keep your trucking and construction equipment on the move. Come partner with us to keep your equipment on the move.

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