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History of Navistar International Trucks

Navistar International is a top manufacturer of trucks and buses with a long history. Its market share in the heavy truck industry recently grew to nearly one-fifth.

Early Days

This company was originally known as International Harvester. It first appeared when five machinery manufacturers merged in 1902. The firm introduced many new products over the next 35 years, including farm-oriented vehicles, combines and tractors. Its earliest trucks had wheels made of wood!

Although it was considered to be a large conglomerate, IH didn't use this status to destroy competitors or increase equipment prices. The company only defended new patents for a maximum of five years, giving fellow manufacturers an opportunity to offer similar products.

Recent Times

International started selling stock shares and became a corporation in 1966. Within 15 years, it had entered a period of decline and needed to sell off its farm and construction equipment divisions. It also closed a number of facilities in foreign locations.

The company adopted a new name in 1986: Navistar International. It began to primarily concentrate on producing heavy trucks. Navistar had about one-quarter of the market share in this industry, making it the biggest U.S. manufacturer.

The International 8300 model became available in 1987. Its modern, aerodynamic style helped it stand out while conserving fuel. Eight years later, the company bought a major school bus manufacturer known as AmTran.

In 2001, Navistar introduced a series of fully updated trucks. They included the model 4300, ProStar, TranStar and WorkStar. The company started using Cummins engines again in 2012, and it has recently produced some vehicles that run on compressed natural gas.

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