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How new technology has helped the Parts And Service Departments

The Parts and Service industry has been majorly driven by the increased complexity of vehicles, which makes it more difficult for truck and semi-truck owners to perform repairs by themselves. It has led to some companies choosing to maintain a fully equipped in-house service department. Only companies with a considerable fleet size opt for this. Maintaining a service department can be daunting. As a result, the majority of service in the (heavy) truck industry is done by individual automotive companies. The success of an individual servicing establishment depends on location and marketing strategy. 

Use of Diagnostic Tools and Technologies

Like many other industries, the truck industry has not been immune to the influence of ICT technologies. Any new truck or semi-truck exiting the factory is now equipped with embedded computers. These changes also affect the specialists that maintain the trucks while they are in use.

With the automation of most mechanisms in the modern truck, large parts, and servicing establishments can use their muscle to acquire the latest in vehicle diagnostic utilities to quickly understand the problem before service is done. Diagnostic tools make the process of troubleshooting faults fast and stress-free.


Penetration of internet services has opened a new avenue for the modern Parts and Servicing business to expand into. E-commerce has now made it possible for a part dealer on one part of the world to work with a mechanic in another continent to fix a truck within a day or two.

This model has necessitated more versatility by servicing industry players while offering a niche for freelance mechanics who can now be positioned at roadside stopovers. They can now confidently service trucks and semi trucks without having to worry where to source parts; after all, it is as easy as an online purchase. Deliveries are done in record time.

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