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Self-Driving Technology is Testing Out the Highways

The MTE Team Delivering Exciting and Innovative News

At Michigan Truck & Equipment, we're always excited to pass along trucking industry news that will WOW you like it does us. We all have been reading about advanced technology revolutionizing the world of trucking. Reuters recently announced our U.S Postal Service is now testing self-driving semi-trucks in hopes of delivering successful results.  

The TuSimple Technology is Driving Us Towards the Future

Actually, TuSimple is not driving towards the future, TuSimple has already delivered it! As found on THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, "TuSimple's technology is built around cameras that it claims provide better long-range predictive capabilities than lidar, the technology used in most self-driving passenger cars that offers a 3-D laser view of the environment." 

The two manufacturers that are collaborating with TuSimple are "Navistar International Corp. and Paccar." "Engine-maker Cummins" is also part of the "joint development" team. 

For now, only five trips are planned traveling from "Phoenix, AZ to Dallas, TX." As the Reuters article shared, these trips are looking to see if "the nascent technology might improve delivery times and costs." Staffing the trucks will be a "safety driver" in the driver's seat for any necessary driving intervention, and "an engineer" will be the passenger.

The success of these trucking tests will be a welcomed solution to the worrisome truck driver shortage forecasted to be critical, as a bulk of our truck drivers retire in the coming years. These self-driving trucks are also thought to bring relief to the "regulatory constraints faced by freight haulers across the country."

Now, can you imagine this? You know, it's probably coming as Today's Trucking Magazinedepicts CW McCall's "Convoy" in a futuristic creation. (Let 'er load, and be wowed.) It's going to be interesting if trucks roll in to tell our service technicians what they need to be fixed! Now that will WOW us all!

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