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Should you consider Heavy Truck Leasing?

 While you can choose to build your own fleet of heavy trucks, you also have the alternative of keeping it simple by choosing to complement or build your fleet by leasing. With many businesses wondering which of the two is better, you can now make an informed opinion. We have put together three reasons why you should consider leasing as opposed to owning your own fleet.   

1. More flexibility to your Investment

  Think of leasing as a less rigid route to building your fleet. When you decide to lease, it means that you are essentially avoiding the mandatory down payment that is required if you are to own a heavy truck. Leasing terms are very flexible. All you are required to do is to pay the consistent, fixed charge. With this alternative, you can put your investment in other areas of your company.     

2. Easy maintenance and Quick Service

  There are different leases, which we will touch on later. Should you go for a full-service lease, maintenance and repair costs will be bundled into the lease. With this alternative, you will enjoy peace of mind; there will be no unforeseen costs that come with repairs and services. All you need to do in case of breakdowns is to ping your leasing account representative who will organize any maintenance or service-related needs.     

3. Dedicate your time, work, Less Paperwork

  In heavy truck ownership, you will have to deal with licensing, reporting and inspection. When you opt for leasing rather than ownership, you leave all the licensing in the hand of the leasing company. What's more, even DOT compliance remains the responsibility of the leasing firm.    To wrap it up we should look at the different types of leasing. Generally, we have capital leasing, operating leasing, and commercial line of credit. Capital leasing in the heavy truck is considered an asset. An operating lease is considered a long term lease where the operating company does not take ownership of the truck. In the commercial line of credit is often preferred by business owners who want to lease multiple vehicles or a fleet for that matter. You can read exhaustive leasing types here.      If you would like heavy trucks, Michigan Truck & Equipment is an independent, family-owned business that deals with all models of pre-owned semi-trucks, trailers, and construction equipment. Please contact us with your needs and we would be more than ready to help you.     

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