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Changes, Events and Law in the Trucking Industry

The automotive world keeps changing with every ticking second and therefore it is important to always try and keep abreast of what to expect in your line of work in the near foreseeable future. Some of these transformations are very long-term and may not require your immediate attention. Others are just too industry-relevant to push aside. Here are  some of the trends and info that I thought you should know:

Isuzu is adding a new model of trucks to the existing ones. Plans are underway to add to their fleet of  craft beer trucks beginning this year up to 2020. The truck was showcased at the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference in Colorado.

Towards the end of last month, Hino's annual tow show drew multitudes in Florida. According to one of their senior managers, they were doing this in appreciation of the risks tow truck drivers go through in their work. The main attraction was a giveaway of a brand new tow truck with a carrier to one of the lucky winners. It would be an honor for Michigan to host such events in future.

Let's veer off a bit into rules and regulations governing semi-truck businesses and drivers. You should be fine with a copy of the Michigan Center for Truck Safety guide to remind yourself of the rules so you don't run into trouble with law enforcement. It's a 38-page guidebook detailing all that you need to comply with as a commercial motor vehicle operator both within Michigan and cross-border.

It is also advised that semi-truck drivers familiarize themselves with certain road rules and know how to behave while sharing the road with passenger cars. There is valuable information on auto-law websites and blogs. Read these tips from time to time to remain updated on road safety rules and procedures and to know how to act in case of an accident or a breakdown.

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