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Heavy Truck Financing to Help New Owner-Operators

Owner-Operators Can Get the Right Truck at MTE

The Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment (MTE) team is dedicated to their customers to offer everything you need to start and keep your trucking business moving with success. From trade-ins to getting new windshield wipers, MTE offers a complete solution for owner-operators to get reliable pre-owned equipment, and get the best in service and parts. And, when you partner with our team, you partner with the nationwide Napa Truck Service Center. 

How to Become an Owner-Operator

It's a great time to become an owner-operator, especially if you start off right. The team at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment are always excited to help keep owner-operators moving with success. 

Power-Only Semi

One option for owner-operators is to offer the power to get products and equipment transported across the country. To become a successful, power-only owner-operator,  be reliable, keep your semi in good working condition, and successfully manage your business. Find out more about our truck sales

Straight Truck 

Straight trucks, aka box trucks, offer another trucking business option for a new owner-operator. A straight truck is a "vehicle which carries cargo in a body mounted to its chassis," as found on American Trucking Association. Call our sales team to see what we have to offer in straight trucks. 

Financing Your Trucking Business

Once you decide what type of truck you want to use, you may need financial assistance to invest in the equipment you believe is right for you. You will find some good deals on previously-owned straight trucks and semis, and it is always good to work with a company like Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment because we know trucks. 

  • Semi Financing: Found on Truckers Report, you will find an excellent guide for new owner-operators. And, you have a list of financial institutions where you can apply for the financial help you need to get the semi you want.
  • Straight Truck Financing: You may need to check other financial institutions that also offer straight truck financing.

Keep Your Trucking Equipment Running at Top Condition at MTE

Once you have invested your time and money to become an owner-operator, it is critical to be dedicated to keeping your truck serviced and maintained. The money you invest into preventive maintenance will prove to be the best way to run a trucking business. 

The MTE service team understands how to keep your business with more uptime than downtime. Let our team keep your investment maintained with the right parts and the best service. If you're ready to start an owner-operator business, call our team. When you partner with us, we take care of you. 

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