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Build a Great Career as a Heavy-Duty Truck Technician

Welcome to Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment!

At Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment (MTE), we love what we do for our customers, the trucking industry and our country. We know the service and repair segment of our business is vital to our customers and to our company. We hope to excite new individuals to become heavy-duty truck technicians.

What does "Heavy-Duty" Mean?

Heavy-duty truck refers to those vehicles classified by their gross weight of "33,000 LBs or more" when coupled with the weighted trailer and cargo. These vehicles can be semi-truck cabs, construction equipment, buses or other heavy hydraulic equipment. 

What do Heavy-Duty Truck Technicians DO? explains the role of heavy-duty truck technicians, also referred to as diesel mechanics or diesel technicians. Heavy-duty technicians "inspect, repair, and maintain diesel engines and the moving parts that power various heavy-duty vehicles." 

Our dedicated service and repair team, at Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales, gives us the means to offer quality service to our customers need to keep their businesses moving.

What is a Heavy-Duty Truck Technician's Average Pay?

According to PayScale, "$22.07 per hour," or $45,905.60, is the national average wage for heavy-duty technicians.

On, you can see the average annual salaries paid throughout Michigan. What you should also consider when looking at your salary are the benefits that may come along with a job. Those extra benefits equate to an excellent-paying career. 

What Makes Being a Heavy-Duty Truck Technician Exciting?

For many diesel mechanics, they have a driving force of knowing they have the knowledge and the skill to work on these monster trucks and other vehicles. It can be a gratifying experience.

Advanced technology is constantly adding innovative ideas to the trucking industry. These technologies will keep diesel mechanics, whether working on light, medium or heavy-duty equipment more exciting. You will always have work. If you're good at what you do, you will be in high demand. 

What About Women Becoming Heavy-Duty Truck Technicians?

Since there is "less than 4% of women in maintenance and technician fields," per HDT Truckinginfo, it may be time to begin looking for those women who have the drive and interest to help the shortage of diesel technicians our country is facing. One young woman who is making her way as heavy-duty diesel technician is featured on Construction Equipment Distribution (CED). High-five to Melissa Petersmann!

What is Required to Become a Heavy-Duty Truck Technician in Michigan?

Since we're located in our great state of Michigan, we're going to center our efforts here, but the references we're using will allow anyone to find their way to becoming a heavy-duty diesel technician. 

The Basics to Know

As found on DIESEL MECHANIC GUIDE, "there are a number of ways to become a diesel mechanic." If you're a person that already mechanical talents, then you may find a way to get informal training on the job. With today's advanced technologies, you may want to consider seeking a more formal training program, and there are some good ones out there.

Heavy-Duty Technician Schools

DIESEL MECHANIC GUIDE has information on "Diesel Mechanic Schools In Michigan" with informative direction. You have options between Certifications, an Associates Degree or a Bachelor Degree. The more formal training you have, the more career choices you may have. 

What does the Service & Repair Team at MTE DO? - They Make A Difference!

A vital part of the trucking or construction industry is maintaining and servicing equipment. Becoming a heavy-duty truck technician will give you a lifetime of work, and you can be proud to know you're making a big difference and keeping America on the move. 

Call or drop in to meet our team. When you're looking for dependable used truck and equipment sales and service, we're here for you!

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