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Why Leasing can be Great Tool For Truckers

If you're an independent owner operator, or plan to become one, you'll need a truck, and you need to decide whether to lease or buy your truck. Leasing has become increasingly popular and there's good reason it has. Leasing is more popular for smaller and beginning drivers who lack the capital to buy, and want a reliable, newer truck. 

Leasing a truck can save you money upfront and lets you upgrade sooner without any obligations. Most times lease agreement's have an option to buy the truck at the end of the lease, for a price that is typically a large lump sum payment that is predetermined when you sign your lease agreement. This is nice if you've decided that you like the truck and don't want to have the lease payment anymore.

The largest benefit of leasing is the short-term savings. You usually pay less upfront (little to no down payment) and your monthly installments will be less than buying the truck. Many drivers also prefer the flexibility of turning the truck in and upgrading to a new one, or want to try a different brand or type of truck. Leasing is also beneficial to beginners in case their plans do not work out, they have less of a commitment than if they bought the truck. 

Leasing is a great way for beginner truck drivers to have a nice reliable truck, with a smaller payment. Leasing has become popular in many other industries, for the same reasons. Many drivers want to be on the road instead of in the garage, and leasing gives them the chance to have a dependable truck. It's common for owner-operators to always have a lease, so when one ends they get a new truck, with the latest technology, and they just keep a payment. If you decide to buy a truck instead remember that, for the same payment you can get a nicer truck and are less likely to have breakdowns. If you are interested in leasing a truck contact us today!

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