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A Trucking Shutdown is Coming

What is Driving a Trucking Shutdown?

As our team at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment, many truck service centers are dedicated to keeping trucks moving safely across America. With the truck driver shortage, it is disheartening when certain safety regulations are not working as they were intended. Found on CDL LIFE, you will see that thousands of truckers are asking for changes regarding hours of service (HOS) and electronic logging devices (ELD) along with having a say with new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is alarming to know that many truck drivers are not going to be moving America on April 12, 2019. 

Understanding Why Truck Drivers are Taking a Stand

If you are not a truck driver, it is hard to understand why many are against mandates that were enacted for safety. 

The Bad Combination of HOS and ELD

Found on Smart Trucking, you will get a first-hand review why the HOS and ELDcombination is not working as intended. It is just a matter of common sense. When companies are only focused on making profits, common sense may end up being left behind. 

Unfair Wait Times to Load and Unload

The time that truck drivers waste waiting for loading and unloading is a problem. You will get a better understanding of truck drivers' frustrations as found on Freight Waves. Not only are drivers going unpaid for many hours they are waiting, but the clock is also still ticking towards their hours of service.

Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales' Commitment to Dependable and Fast Service

At Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales, we sell all makes and models of previously-owned semi-trucks, trailers, and construction equipment. Part of our commitment to our customers is to deliver fast and dependable service. Our ASE Certified technicians service all makes and models. And, our operation is a part of the Napa nationwide network of service centers. Our customers know that our parts and labor are warrantied all across the country. Partner with us, and let our team keep your business ready to move across America. 

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