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Preparing the Big Rigs for Winter

Grand Rapids' Napa Truck Service Center

Michigan Truck Sales &  Equipment (MTE) is your full-service dealership for sales, service, and parts of pre-owned semi-trucks, trailers and construction equipment. Our 12-bay Napa Truck Service Center is equipped with ASE Certified technicians and the latest technology. No matter what you need to keep your big rigs rolling, we are here with fast and dependable service. 

Preparing Semi-Trucks and Trailers for Winter

The weather has definitely turned cold for our area, and it is important to make sure your fleet is prepared to weather the cold elements. What should you be doing to prepare your investments for winter? Found on Fleet Equipment, "Winter is coming: Is your fleet prepared?" by Crissey, A. (2015, October 21) may be a few years old, but the information is still invaluable. As the article begins, winter months are the hardest time for big rigs. Here are some of the important preparations to do before you're stuck on the roads without assistance 

  1. The electrical system can be damaged by "corrosion, corrosion, corrosion." The chemicals needed to keep the roads and highways from freezing can be very corrosive to contacts. Moisture allowed to enter into the electrical system can cause all kinds of issues. Get your electrical system and components checked and replace any questionable parts, clean and grease where needed, and frequently check for potential problems.
    1. MTE's technicians can check out your electrical system, explain potential problems, and recommend the best solution.
  2. Trailers are notorious for the braking system locking up due to insufficient lubrication of all moving parts.
    1. Let MTE technicians review what you should if your braking system does lock up this winter.
  3. Transportation refrigeration fuel can be a problem that may require a fuel additive. You should also check for "water in the fuel tank, tire pressure, and keeping the trailer's air system clean and dry."
    1. Our technicians can guide you on the right product, and the best way to add it into your reefer's fuel tank, and they can do a full inspection of your reefer units.
  4. Coolant is extremely important during the winter months.
    1. Let the team at MTE take care of making sure equipment has the right coolant concentration, and we will make sure your cooling and heating system is all set for the winter's freezing temperatures.

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment Will Get Your Truck or Fleet Ready for Winter

Our dedicated service team is here to keep trucks rolling so that our customers have minimal downtime. We know that the harsh elements of winter are hard on any type of mechanical equipment. Our service team will give your equipment a thorough inspection and address everything that needs attention. If you haven't readied your big rigs for winter, call us today, and we will get your trucks prepared for winter.  

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