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What's Exciting about Diesel Engines and Becoming a Diesel Technician?

MTE Technicians Are a Cut Above the Rest

The service team at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment (MTE) are factory-trained, ASE Certified technicians, and their quality work and dedication add to the success of our business. The trucking industry has a high demand for diesel technicians. Why are diesel engines important to our transportation industry? It's the major power behind the different transportation channels: trucks, trains, and ships. Why is it a great time to become a diesel mechanic? The future is great!

Diesel Engine Trivia for Future Diesel Technicians

If you're nuts and bolts about the trucking industry like we are at MTE, the diesel engine's history is interesting to know. Found on DIESEL MECHANIC GUIDE, you will learn interesting facts about the powerful invention in "A Brief History Of The Diesel Mechanic Field."

  • Who invented the diesel engine?
    • Rudolph Diesel, from Germany, invented the diesel engine in 1892.
  • What made the diesel engine so impressive?
    • "The diesel engine ignites its fuel by compression."
  • What makes the diesel engine preferred over gasoline engines?
    • "A complex electrical ignition is not required."
    • "A wide variety of fuels can be used compared to gasoline engines."
  • When did the diesel engine come to America?
    • News traveled fast! By the end of the 1890's, the diesel engine was in America.
  • Why was the diesel engine preferred over the steam engine?
    • Diesel engines started up easier.
    • A realized cost saving was seen on time required for maintenance.
  • What was the pivotal moment that thrust diesel engines into production in America?
    • America's Interstate Highway System opened the opportunity for freight to begin moving across the country, and this led to a demand for commercial diesel vehicles. 
  • What factors make diesel trucks more desirable over gasoline?
    • Fuel Economy
    • Diesel Engine Durability
    • Lower Pollution Output 

What Does the Future for Diesel Mechanics Look Like?

Diesel mechanics today have an impressive education. Today's diesel technicians do far more than those diesel mechanics in the early 1900's. Electronic diagnostic systems are needed to understand problems under the hood. What is under the hood and connected to the cab is far more advanced with complex electronic systems. Additionally, diesel mechanics must be certified on emission control systems. 

As the push for the use of biofuels over fossil fuels expands, diesel engines will continue to be in demand. With the potential for cost-savings using biofuels, more transportation businesses will be moving to use diesel-powered trucks and equipment. The demand for diesel mechanics will continue to grow and offer an exciting and lucrative career. 

What Can Someone Do to Become a Diesel Technician?

Diesel Mechanic Guide is a perfect reference for anyone wanting to know more about diesel engines, and what it takes to be a diesel mechanic. You're able to find out what is available in each state. A "Diesel Technician Fast Track" program is now being offered at Delta College to help with the shortage of diesel mechanics. 

Michigan's Solution for Truck Sales and Repair

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment has an expert and friendly team that includes sales, service, and parts. The trucking industry is exciting, and we're here to keep it moving forward. Give us a call, or drop in to see everything we offer for the best trucking solutions. It is always an honor to work and partner with you.

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