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Michigan Truck Sales Offers Quality Service and Maintenance

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment (MTE) offers quality, previously owned semi-trucks, trailers, construction equipment and an expert service center. We're proud to be a Napa Truck Service Center, and we are committed to providing quality service to our customers so that they can keep their equipment working. Let our exceptionally trained, diesel technicians keep your diesel engines maintained and working efficiently so your drivers can successfully deliver and pick-up their loads.

Today's trucking demands are making it harder to take your trucks off the road. Without proper maintenance, truck drivers may experience some diesel engine problems along the way. Found on Smart-Trucking, "Diesel Engine Troubleshooting For The Trucker" by CATMAC22* (2016, August 8) offers some good information, from a veteran trucker, to help truckers along on the road. 

What To Check If Overheating Under Load

  • Inspect "radiator" for anything obstructing air flow.
  • "Axles should be rolling freely."
  • Is anything dragging such as "tires and brakes"?
  • Inspect the "engine fan and belts" for wear and tear.
  • "Gearing down" may be necessary when driving in extremely hot temperatures.
  • "Turning off the A/C on steep grades" may be necessary to cool engine during hot temperatures.
  • Inspect "oil and coolant levels when the engine is cool."
  • Inspect for possible "leaks."

What to Check When The Engine Will Not Start

  • If fuel is sufficient, "fuel filters" may need to be changed.
  • Inspect "batteries and connections to starter."
  • Inspect "starter motor."
  • "Fuel pump and fuel lines" need inspection.
  • Inspect for "fuel contaminates." 
  • Inspect for "plugged air filters."
  • "Injectors and ECM" should be checked by a service center.

What Excessive Smoke Colors Can Mean

  • White smoke may be due to "engine timing is off or the engine compression is weak."
  • "Blue smoke can mean worn cylinders, piston rings, and valves."
  • Black smoke may be caused by different issues: "dirty air filters, bad injectors, a turbo problem, or a problem in a cylinder head."

Don't wait until your trucks have an engine problem over the road. The expense can end up being so much more, especially if you're not able to deliver your load. As the veteran, truck driver mentioned, "preventive maintenance for an engine is a must." 

While we're in the heat of the summer and trucking demands are high, it's hard to imagine what the extreme cold weather can do to truck components and engines. While we still have a few months before winter sneaks up on us all, schedule your fleet for maintenance. Be sure to review what our Diesel Force Service offers. 

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment will take care of your trucking equipment investment so that you can spend more time growing your business. Call us, or drop in for a visit to see how we can keep your trucks moving. It's always an honor to be your trucking partner.

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