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Why Heavy Truck Leasing Could Be Better For You

When you drive a semi truck, you should take a look at why heavy truck leasing could be the better option over buying. Truckers put a huge number of miles on a truck each year. In many cases, it's a requirement if you want to make any money. Thing is, when you're putting that many miles on a truck each year, it means that you're going to have to replace it at some point. That's one of the reasons it simply makes sense to lease instead of buying a truck outright.

Take a look at this list of why it's better if you lease a truck instead of buying:

  1. Lower initial monetary output – It's no secret that buying a new truck puts a dent in your wallet. Leasing your truck in most cases will require less money out of pocket for upfront costs.
  2. Shorter time commitment – When you lease the truck, you turn it at the end of the lease period, then select a new truck, sign the agreement and go. When you purchase a truck and you are ready for a new one, you are stuck selling the truck to get some of your money back, or you take a hit on trade-in value. You eliminate that headache when you lease.
  3. You shoulder less risk – You take less of a financial risk when you lease a truck instead of buying it outright. When you lease, you'll know exactly what you have to spend on ownership each month. This is especially useful if you are new to truck driving and are unsure as to whether you want to drive permanently.
  4. Less maintenance cost – If you lease a truck, chances are you are going to be able to get a truck that is much newer than one you may be able to purchase outright. This is especially true once again if you are just starting your career.
  5. Easier upgrades – When you lease your truck, it is much easier to exchange it for a different model when you lease rather than own. If you know you are going to want newer technology as you proceed through your career, this is an important point.

This overview includes only a few reasons why you should consider leasing instead of buying. Contact Michigan Truck Sales and Equipment for more information and to get started on your new lease today.

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