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International Roadcheck by CVSA

Michigan Truck & Equipment, a NAPA Truck Service Center, is committed to keeping our customers' trucks safely on the move to keep America working. A very important Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) event, International Roadcheck, recently happened June 5 -7, 2018 in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The results of the 31st annual event are not in as of this writing, but we thought it is important to review last year's findings.

On the CVSA website, "CVSA Releases 2017 Roadcheck Results" (2017, August 22) gives a very detailed report on the findings during June 6-8, 2017. The results include large trucks and buses, and there were reportedly three levels of inspections performed out of the eight levels that are referred to as the "North American Standard."

  • Level I entails a "37-step procedure that includes an examination of both the driver and vehicle."
  • Level II is a "Walk-Around Inspection."
  • Level III is a "Driver-Only Inspection."

The first statistic revealed was that "23 percent of vehicles and 4.2 percent of drivers that received Level I Inspections were placed out of service." Remembering that buses are included, but the results of the cargo securement of hazardous materials most likely refer to the trucking industry.

  • Top Three Vehicle, Level I Violations of the "9398/40,944 taken out of service.
    • "Brake systems" findings were the highest percentage of issues at "26.9%"
    • "Cargo securement" was in violation "15.7%" of the total problems.
      • Vehicles carrying hazardous materials were a big percentage of cargo securement violations.
    • "Tires/Wheels" came in very close with "15.1%.
  • Top Three Driver, Level I, II, III Violations of the "2940/62,013" drivers placed out of service.
    • "32.3%" of drivers were reported to be "out of service."
    • Incorrect class of license held by the drivers.
    • Falsified logbooks revealed.

Each year, CVSA selects a category to inspect, and CVSA's 2017 priority was to look at cargo securement. When CVSA broke down the cargo securement violations, they specified the top five cargo securement violations to reinforce the importance of this very crucial piece of trucking across the highways.

  • Load securement was noted not to be done or incorrectly secured.
  • Vehicle equipment was not secured.
  • Cargo noted to be "leaking, spilling, blowing or falling."
  • Loads that could move forward were with insufficient tie-downs and were noted to be without anything to block the load such as headboards, bulkhead or other cargo.
  • Load identified without securement.

The 2018 CVSA International Roadcheck results should be posted during August. By sharing this very important data, our goal is to remind our trucking partners the importance of road safety.

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