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Driving Smart and Staying Safe on America's Dangerous Highways

Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales (MTE) located near US 131 and M-6 in Grand Rapids, Michigan is proud to be a NAPA Truck Service Center. Our team of highly qualified, ASE Certified technicians allows us to offer the best service and solutions for all your trucking needs to move safely across America. 

Driving smart and staying safe along America's highways is of utmost importance to us all. Researching the data on the most dangerous highways for truckers, there are five highways that are deemed to be the deadliest. 

Found on"The Most Dangerous Roads in the US" (2016, March 11) names the routes that are extremely dangerous for truckers. 

  • Colorado HWY 550 is extremely dangerous for drivers trucking through the Rocky Mountains as they climb over 11,000 feet above sea level with extreme winding roads and severe drop-offs. 
  • Montana HWY 2 is cited to be another extremely dangerous trek with the main reason for its location being so far from any medical facility. The reason accidents do happen here is that there is very little traffic, and drivers are more apt to speed through this area. This is where the new GPS tracking systems should help curtail dangerous, driving speeds.
  • Arizona/California I-10 is known to have a history of excessive fatalities from Phoenix through the desert into California. 
  • South Carolina I-26 is known for a certain stretch of highway near Charleston with a history for a high number of fatalities. With a high volume of traffic, accidents that occur in a particular stretch that is bordered by trees with steep slopes and no guardrails are the reasons for so many fatalities
  • Alaska's James Dalton Highway that is famously known to many television viewers because of the reality show, "Ice Road Truckers". This being a "dirt road" is the first reason for making it a dangerous drive. Add freezing temperatures that go down to "minus 80 degrees" and a treacherous, winding, mountain road is totally dangerous. 

Found in"Truckers Name America's 10 Most Roads" by Ritter, J. (2017, April 4) confirms the above mentioned dangerous highways and adds five more to maneuver through with caution. Truck drivers' comments at the end of this article also give more routes of danger to drive with caution.

A final article that we hope drives our readers to review is found on American Trucker"Top 10 most dangerous roads for truckers" by Fisher, J. (2017, November 17) lists those highways that have been reported to have increased traffic volume and accidents during the holiday months. There are two main points to take away from this informative article.

  • Try to avoid these particular routes during the busy holiday season if at all possible.
  • Note the findings of the trucks that were involved in the accidents. "Over half had a vehicle defect and 30% of the accidents were caused by some type of equipment failure."

Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales is here to offer the best pre-owned semi-trucks, trailers, and construction equipment. We offer the best in heavy-duty equipment repair service, and we want to keep your drivers moving safely across America. 

Drop in for a visit, or give us a call to see how we can give you all the solutions that you need to keep your fleet safely moving along the highways.

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