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Are Cameras Better Than Mirrors? FMCSA Considers

According to a recent article from CDL Life News, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is considering allowing an exemption to a regulation that requires trucks to be equipped with rear vision mirrors. The exemption is being requested by Stoneridge, Inc.

Stoneridge, on its website, states that its MirrorEye cameras will replace traditional rear view mirrors with cameras that feature displays on the A-pillars. The company states that its cameras will significantly save on fuel and will eliminate the blind spots that are found with traditional mirrors. Additionally, the cameras, which are positioned at a narrower angle than mirrors, will reduce eye and neck fatigue and allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road more often as they don't have to move their gaze from side to side.

The cameras panning capabilities can be set up to follow trailers and merging lanes, and give a real-time view with no delay, the company noted. The cameras also feature a self-cleaning function, advanced image handling to deal with direct sunlight, night vision, and defrosting within seconds for safe wintertime driving.

The company stated in a March press release that it is expanding its fleet testing of the MirrorEye in North America. Fleet testing has been taking place for the past year, Stoneridge explained, and the expansion allows the company "to offer this advanced vision and safety solution to a greater number of fleets for evaluation." Fleet tests in Europe, where rear vision mirrors are not required, revealed that the aerodynamics of mirror-less trucks has resulted in a two to three percent savings on fuel each year, the press release noted. Those wishing to try the cameras for themselves can do so here.

The FMCSA will be accepting public comments on the proposed exemption through May 7, CDL Life reported.

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