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ATA Launches the Road to a Better Future

Crumbling Roads and Bridges and the Cost of Doing Nothing

The American Trucking Association is reaching beyond the trucking industry for support to fund infrastructure repair from the general motoring public with its new initiative Road to a Better Future. Crumbling roads and bridges and traffic bottlenecks cost the average motorist $1500.00 per year in repairs, wasted fuel, and lost time. With the trucking industry already beyond maximum capacity as freight movers adapt to new ELD restrictions and an increasing shortage of drivers, repairing the nation's network of highways and bridges becomes even more critical. 

Gridlock in Washington Equals Gridlock on the Highways

While Congress debates how to fund the 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure repair program proposed by President Trump, the ATA has come up with its own plan to provide $340 billion in funding without increasing the budget deficit. The program is called The Build America Fund.

The ATA is proposing a modest 20 cent user fee which would cost the average motorist about $100 per year, a far cry from the $1000 per year in costs incurred by wasted time and fuel, and the $500 dollar cost for repairs to vehicle damage caused by driving on crumbling, pothole-infested highways. The user fee would be collected as a fuel tax, which Congress (despite inflation) has neglected to raise since 1993 to keep pace with necessary infrastructure repair demands.

This user fee is preferred by the motoring public as a much better option than costly, inefficient tolls which can cause their own bottlenecks in highway traffic, according to recent public polling. Wasteful administrative collection and enforcement costs for tolling operations run between 12 and 33.5% of any revenue generated.

Why the Trucking Industry is Willing to Invest Even More

The trucking industry currently foots the bill for 45% of the total Highway Trust Fund user revenue and the ATA says that they are prepared to pay even more, even though trucks make up just 14% of the nation's total vehicle mileage. Traffic congestion adds a whopping $63 billion to the nation's freight costs, and the ATA notes that this expense is felt by everyone including retailers, small businesses, and consumers.

Michigan Truck and Equipment Keeps You Rolling

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