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CAT to Begin Manufacturing Mini-Excavators

Just as some automobile companies might outsource some manufacturing to other, smaller companies, Caterpillar uses a number of manufacturers to supply many of its construction equipment products. In fact, it' small range of excavator models was primarily manufactured by Wacker Neuson, and had been since 2011. Over the course of that time, Wacker Neuson supplied seven models of the manufacturer to Caterpillar.

But just a few days ago, Caterpillar announced that they'd be making the manufacturing process of the mini excavator in-house once more. One reason for this manufacturing shift might be that the demand for mini excavators has grown substantially over the years.

Before you go getting excited about the potential savings that might represent on mini excavators, it's important to note that the change-off won't begin until 2018, and will primarily focus on only five models. The remaining two may shift hands from the German manufacturer Wacker Neuson to Caterpillar in the same timeframe, or later. 

If you've purchased a small-class excavator between 2010 and August 2016, you may want to contact the broker to determine how this company shift will affect your servicing, support, and warranties. While Catterpillar assures consumers that most models and parts won't be affected, they also acknowledge that some may be.

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