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3-D Parts And Service Departments of the Very Near Future

In the future, your local truck parts and service departments will still have the smiling, helpful people you've come to call friends. However, the way they get some of your hardest to find parts will start changing in the next 3 to 5 years. This is due to the exponential growth of 3-D printing technology. Hard pressed to find any downsides, let's dive right in to the nuts and bolts of the matter.

Technological Advances

3-D printing has had a slow start due to the fact that it prints the material in layers. Although this produces a very strong 2-dimensional item, it is weak on the third dimension. However, 3-D printing technology is following Moore's Law and doubling every 12-18 months. The most recent advances are making it possible to print replacement parts stronger and more wear resistant than the original parts.

3-D Printing in Metal

Currently their are quite a few 3-D companies that are working out the details of printing with steel and other metal substrates. In fact, these innovators have even figured out how to fuse two different materials together, like steel and Teflon. This technology makes it possible to 3-D print with different materials all at once, producing fully completed parts.

Cost and Convenience

Moore's Law also means costs for developing and producing 3-D printers is following suit and significantly dropping. This puts 3-D technology within reach of smaller, local 3-D print shops. In the near future these shops will simply receive CAD drawings and 3-D printing templates from the manufacturer. They'll then produce the part for your local parts and service departments at will. Essentially, any wait for a rare or other hard to find part will become non-existent.

In the future, 3-D printing will have a huge impact on consumer convenience as well as local economies. However, it's still a few years from becoming mainstream. Unfortunately, our parts and service departments can't print your parts on demand just yet. However, we did make a promise to be customer-solution oriented. If we don't have what you need on hand, our parts department will work tirelessly to get it for you. If you need it installed, contact us and you'll find our service department to be second to none.

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