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Maintaining Your Truck Through The Winter

With winter on it's way, it's time to take stock. Cold weather can wreak havoc on the best of us. It's best to make sure your truck is up to standards before starting a long haul, as a properly maintained and serviced truck is one you can rely on in even the worst of weather. Below are some tips to help keep your truck as prepared as possible for the winter roads.

  • Don't Idle -- Keep your truck running at highway speeds in extreme temperatures as opposed to idling, so that it is able to reach the temperature threshold needed for the regeneration and DEF cycling process.
  • Engine Block Heater -- Plug it in on all your diesel trucks every night, even when you think the temperature might be warmer. The longer your truck is going to be sitting, the more critical it is that your engine block heater is plugged in.
  • Don't Allow Cold Soaks -- This is when engine fluids and steel in the engine block itself drop to ambient temperatures. This generally happens when the truck is sitting over more than an day, and can cause some serious problems to you engine. Hence why the engine block heaters are so important.
  • Normal Operating Temperature -- Be sure that your truck is at this temperature when you plug in your block heaters; they only maintain temperatures, they don't heat from ambient temperatures.
  • Correctly Blended Fuel -- Prevent fuel filter waxing by getting the correctly blended fuel with a cloud point additive. This is especially important if you're fueling in an unfamiliar location.
  • Base Fuel on Location -- When you know you're going to be traveling in extreme weather, be sure to use winter weight fuel, and always consider necessary fuel additives.
  • Check Tires Often -- Freezing temperatures cause slippage. Having your tires correctly inflated and in good condition can help prevent accidents on winter roads.
  • Pre-Trip Truck Daily -- Inspect every part of your truck, every day, for frozen components and other issues. Be sure to pay careful attention to parts of the truck that are exposed to the elements. If any issues occur, get them remedied immediately.

Winter driving is not to be taken lightly. Keep your truck in good condition and your haul will be smoother and safer for everyone on the road. If you have any other questions about readying your truck for the winter, and keeping it well maintained during the cold weather, feel free to contact us, as we'd love to help you out.

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