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General Truck Repair or a Specialty Garage: Which is Better for Your Semi-Truck?

Broken down trucks mean time off the road, and those lost hours or days can add up quickly. Whether your truck is making a clanking noise you don't trust or you can see a part starting to give way, you need a repair shop that can solve the problem in the least amount of time without cutting corners.

Why should you go to a comprehensive truck repair shop instead of a specialty garage?

  • You save time. Unless you have a good idea of exactly what's wrong with your truck or trailer, it might be a few different malfunctions coming together to cause the rattling, resistance, or whine you've noticed. Not only will a general inspection help you cover your bases, the mechanics can find problems before they start to slow down your drive. This is especially important as winter starts and a few of your systems need tune-ups.
  • You don't have to worry about biased misdiagnoses. Garages and truck repair businesses have a bad reputation. Sometimes this is deserved, but other times it's caused by the narrowed focus of a garage that specializes in certain sorts of problems. A mechanic that specializes in semi-truck computers will attribute a problem to electrical malfunctions, while another might suspect physical damage. A specialist can misdiagnose more often even with the best of intentions, so go to a general truck repair business who can look at all of your truck's systems.
  • You save money. Specialists charge specialty prices, no matter what industry they work in. Even if you need a rare part or you're trying to customize your trailer with newly developed technology, a comprehensive garage should still be your first stop.

If you need a particular part or a fast repair, go to Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment here to get what you need the first time.

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