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Diesel-Force-Cleaning: The Ultimate Maintenance Service for Your Rig's Engine

Your truck is your bread and butter, and just as business owners take care to maintain their brick and mortar business, it's essential that you protect your investment and your livelihood by taking care of your big rig. And possibly the most essential part of your truck -- the part that can't fail you, no matter what, is your diesel engine.

As you pile on the miles, your engine takes a beating in the form of

  • carbon build-up
  • varnish and sludge
  • combustion chamber deposits

and more. Water and microbes find their way into your truck's fuel system, while dirt and other contaminants collect in the EGR cooler, raising the air intake temperature. Ditto for the DOC, DPF and SCR, and dirt in these systems make refrigeration cycles work overtime.

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment has the answer -- it's our Diesel Force Maintenance System, and it takes care of all of these issues while cleaning the turbo, to restore boost. Best of all, it does all this without harmful solvents. Your diesel's compression and injector spray pattern are restored, and blow-by is reduced. Emission system failures are history, too!

You could purchase after-market over-the-counter products that make the same claims, but they involve a lot of guess work and won't produce the same level of efficiency that you'll get with the Diesel Force Maintenance System.

Afterwards, we'll change the oil (up to 44 quarts) and filter as part of the process, and you'll leave in under two hours with the knowledge that your diesel is ready to perform the way it's meant to!

Have questions? We're happy to explain the process in greater detail. Contact us today for more information!

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