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Expanded Heavy Truck Technicians Apprenticeships to Fill 28,000 Jobs

 28,000 Heavy Truck Technician Jobs to Fill

The truck driver shortage isn't the only labor shortfall facing the transportation industry in 2018. The number of skilled technicians who keep the fleets rolling is also far below industry needs. Robert Braswell, executive director of ATA's Technology and Maintenance Council estimates that the trucking industry could fill 28,000 jobs right now if qualified technicians were available, according to this report at Transport Topics.

Unlike the automotive industry, where widespread apprenticeship programs are available, Braswell noted that the trucking industry has limited resources. Truck technicians face another obstacle when entering the workforce. In many cases, they need to invest as much as $20,000 for the required tools of their trade. Extended certified apprenticeships with federal grants could lighten that burden for new entry-level technicians who would have the opportunity to "earn while they learn"..

Funds for Trucking Apprenticeships

In response to President Trump's executive order, the Trump administration is seeking to double the 95 million dollars in the 2017 fiscal budget to expand apprenticeship programs for both drivers and truck technicians in 2018.

If the administration is able to get Congressional approval, apprenticeship programs similar to the Werner Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program can be expanded to cover truck technicians with federal grants and tax-free benefits. The Werner Apprenticeship program, active since 2006, has provided grants and tax-free benefits up to $23,000. 

U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao are both proponents of new apprenticeship programs to alleviate driver and technician shortages., as reported at Transport Topics.Secretary Chao is hoping to make more federally funded apprenticeships for both drivers and technicians available to women and underserved communities, as well as for veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce. Secretary Acosta assured the industry that the new programs won't be "micromanaged" from Washington, as they have been in the past.

ASE Certified Technicians at Michigan Truck

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