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Truck Driver Wages Predicted to Increase 30-40%

Troubling News for Carriers Could be Good News For Drivers

The driver shortage continues to gather steam as the trucking industry faces the perfect storm of events in 2018. The industry is expecting a shortage of 50,000 drivers by the end of the year, and that’s just the start. But bad news for the industry might turn out to be good news for hardworking truckers as companies begin to compete for their valuable services.

A shrinking driver talent pool caused by an anticipated surge in the construction industry in the hurricanes’ aftermath, new unwelcomed ELD restrictions causing veteran drivers to walk away, and difficulties recruiting new drivers who will have to face long hours on the road away from home, are all factors contributing to the driver shortage.

This is worrisome news for motor carriers trying to figure out a way through the crisis, as well as for customers facing inflated shipping costs. But for the truckers, there are significant wage increases and benefits to be reaped.


40% Pay Raise With Hourly Wage for Truckers

CEO Eric Fuller of US Express is predicting that a large increase in wages, up to 30 to 40%, will be required over the next two years in order to attract new drivers and retain experienced drivers. This article at Trucking Industry News reports that Fuller is also anticipating a changeover to hourly wages for drivers, replacing the pay-per-load compensation common in the industry now.

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