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Will You Be At the North American Commercial Vehicle Show?

Whether you're an owner-operator who wants to expand your business or you want to keep an eye on current trends and changes facing the industry, trade shows give you a glance at current advances in trucks, trailers, and freight brokerage technology. If there is an opportunity for you to be in Georgia at the end of September, you should attend the North American Commercial Vehicle Show to make networking connections, see the latest displays, and find out how the transportation industry will look in 2018 and beyond.

What should you know about this trade show?

  • It's a new biennial trade show. The focus of this new trade show is on commercial vehicle fleets, and it will be a gathering of major trailer manufacturers, commercial component suppliers, and fleet logistical companies to present the latest products and ideas shaping your business. This year will mark the grand opening of the event.
  • It's a good opportunity to see how ancillary parts of the industry are changing. E-commerce and specialization are changing how fleets communicate and contract for loads, as well as how large fleets are organizing across the country for more efficient lines. Take the opportunity to see how others are streamlining their business and the general feel for changes in regulations and technology in commercial transportation.
  • It's in Atlanta, Georgia from September 25 through 28. The first day is for the media and exclusively invited guests, but the trade show opens for all attendees on September 26 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Taking time away from your regular business schedule can be difficult, but this event is being together dozens of large-name vendors and promises to be an efficient use of your time if you prefer large events instead of scattered, smaller trade shows. If you want to learn more about this and other Industry News happening around the country, please browse our site here.

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