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Semi-Truck Technology: Are dash cams a good idea?

Many people who surf YouTube are entertained by semi-truck dash cam videos. While not the absolute latest technology, dash cams are becoming an important semi-truck technology for more than entertainment reasons.

Truckers HQ, a website run by a long haul trucker cites the pros and cons of dash webcams.


  • Evidence in case of an accident: When accidents happen, a truck cam provides proof of what really happened. It isn't he said, she said.
  • Protection from the Insurance Fraud: There are unscrupulous people who will start an accident purposely to blame the other party. Their aim is to claim fake injuries to collect payment from the insurance companies. With the help of truck camera systems, you have proof of what really happened.
  • Protection for your Parked Vehicle: Some of the commercial truck camera systems provide a parking mode system which will record when the truck is parked. If someone defaces your truck or hits it while it is parked and drives away, you will have proof of a hit-and-run.

The cons are that many trucks are never involved in an accident, so there is little value in the camera. The other con is the camera can only see where it is aimed.

Insurance companies might offer lower rates to trucks equipped with dash cams and the proof that a driver is not at fault will save that driver money on insurance claims. Trucker News tells the story of Art Ginter who recorded this video. Ginter says if the event hadn't been recorded on his dash cam he would have been found at fault by the insurance company costing him his deductible and possibly raising his insurance rate.

People driving passenger cars cause 75% of accidents involving trucks. Dash cam technology can protect truckers from being found at fault if they are not. If you are thinking of investing in a truck, Michigan Truck And Equipment will help you find and finance a vehicle. We'll even help you find the right dash cam to protect your investment.

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