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Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips For The Summer Season

Virtually every rig traversing the nation’s highways must endure weather extremes. Long haulers inevitably encounter below-zero temps in the winter and triple-digit heat in the summer. Wild temperature swings stress belts, fluids, electrical components and more.

Here are some maintenance reminders that can help you minimize downtime this summer:

Tire pressure - In general, every 10-degree change in the temperature increases or decreases tire pressure by two psi. When, summer temperatures skyrocket, it is important to adjust tire pressure accordingly. Both tire life and safety are important concerns.

Cooling system - Fully functioning coolant is vital during summer heat waves, so make sure coolant is fresh and mixed in proper proportion to water. Look for signs of radiator leaks. Hoses and clamps should be inspected for signs of deterioration. Hoses that lose flexibility may crack at the most inopportune times. Road salt may corrode clamps and other system components.

Air quality - Of course, a cool, comfortable cabin is essential to optimum driver performance, so fully recharged, leak-free air conditioning is important. A fresh air filter ensures that pollution, pollen and mold spores will be minimized in the cabin. According to an article in CCJ,improper air filtration may actually increase pollutant concentrations by as much as 800 percent. Dirty air may increase fatigue, putting both driver health and safe operation at risk.

Electrical components - Heat is no friend of batteries, connectors, cables and other electrical components. Therefore, it is wise to check voltage drop on the both the starting and the charging cables. In fact, hot weather may expose the fact that a battery, alternator or generator is failing.

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