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New Galvanized Trailers Debut At Trucking Show

Fleets interested in extra-durable lowboy trailers will want to take a look at the new galvanized models from XL Specialized Trailers. On Thursday, March 23, the new galvanized models made their debut at the Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. These tough new trailers are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Protection From the Elements

XL Specialized uses a hot-dip galvanizing process to generate a tough barrier which protects steel components from precipitation and road chemicals. The new galvanized lowboys still use the 80K web and T-1 flange used in XL’s other popular lowboy models.

XL offers a number of variations in the capacity, overall length and well length of these models:

  • Capacity from 60-80,000 pounds
  • Lengths of 48 and 53 feet
  • Wells either 29 or 34 feet long

XL’s Mechanical Detachable Extendable (MDE) trailer includes Apitong decking on the main deck as well as the front and rear decks. The MFG Mini-Deck galvanized trailer offers four inches of ground clearance and a loaded deck height of 12-in.

Excellent Warranty

The new galvanized lowboys come with the same five-year structural warranty that is included with all lowboy trailers manufactured by XL Specialized. Their specialized and heavy-haul trailers are popular in many sectors of the trucking industry, including construction, agriculture, oil/gas, wind energy and custom transportation.

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