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Construction Equipment Industry Rallies Over Initial Enforcement Deadline Dump

Conditions in the construction equipment industry are constantly shifting, much like the soil beneath our feet. So the most recent U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s announcements were not totally unexpected by those in the know. For those men and women that may have missed it, the news affords construction industry members a reprieve of sorts.  Remember the onerous crystalline silica standard?

Handling Dust Proves to be Risky Business

It came into being last spring but wasn’t on tap to be enforced until summer 2017. Well, construction industry members now have roughly an additional 90 days to comply. That’s exceptionally good news for people who work with heavy, construction equipment, including dump truck drivers. As a Washington State Mine Safety and Health Administration report pointed out, truck drivers are at risk of silica exposure. Thankfully, using and caring for the best construction equipment available within the Grand Rapids, Michigan, market will help lower that risk.

Is Your Ford Dump Truck Right for Silica Transport?

It is widely accepted that new and used dump trucks like this 1998 Ford LT9500 should be washed regularly. In addition, employing certain axle and side/brace configurations, as well as asphalt lips, exhaust systems and other features may help head off potential problems. Choose the right ones and silica loads are less likely to leave problematic residue behind. Choose the wrong ones and construction equipment drivers may find themselves exceeding the government’s silica exposure guidelines in no time.

Keep Silica from Sinking Health and Bottom Line

At Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment, we understand what the crystalline silica standard enforcement schedule means to our valued customers. As such, we take pains to ensure that our inventory of dump trucks and other construction equipment is spotless to start. A quick check of the vehicle’s engine, ventilation system and body by our Grand Rapids truck repair service team will help matters too. To find out how and select construction equipment least likely to run afoul of the latest silica exposure laws, please contact the Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment Team today.

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