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Drivers May Want to Reach for Cool, Plastic Fruits

Many semi-truck drivers have undoubtedly run across plastic fruits used in kitschy displays and children’s play kitchens. You know the ones. They include those rubbery grapes that often hang in restaurants and such. So, we think that everyone can agree those items are great but not very useful beyond imagination stations and the decorative arts until now.

Enter Empa, a Swiss firm who’s making plastic fruits useful for members of the semi-truck industry and those that rely on drivers to transport refrigerated goods inside reefer trailers. The plastic fruits are meant to go inside of the reefer trailers and serve as secondary, totally wireless, temperature control devices. As such, they can help busy drivers quickly verify that their reefer trailers are holding temp and their cargo loads are safe.

The new devices can also help other members in the refrigerated goods demand chain, albeit indirectly. These include end consumers who want to ensure that they’re consuming the freshest, safest ingredients around. Let’s take pomegranates as examples. History has taught us they can ferment or spoil and sicken consumers. Similar is true of vegetables, dairy, seafood and meats of course. So the quicker, well-working reefer trucks can get ingredients to their final destination, the better it is for everyone.

At Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment, we applaud Empa for their efforts and have a number of used reefer trailers in stock. Dating back to the early 2000s, the models on our Byron Center lot feature brand names like Dorsey and TrailMobile. Despite being long in the tooth, we can safely say that each reefer trailer is in reasonable condition thanks to assorted design elements including rust resistant bodies and watertight seals.  Plus, they may be used with Empa’s new invention.

Accordingly, the reefer trailers we have in stock should maintain hoped for temperatures, profit margins and fuel efficiency levels for select members of the semi-truck industry. To learn more about good working reefer trucks and how to outfit them with secondary devices like Empa’s fruit thermometers, please contact the Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment Team at Byron Center today.

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