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The Molded Structural Composite Cold Chain Series

In the trucking industry, time is money.  People want their goods delivered quickly and on budget.  Companies and truckers have to move as much as they can in a short amount of time.  Therefore, trucking equipment must be able to handle larger shipments and deliver them quickly.  Any improvement in trucking technology will greatly help in this effort.

At the 2017 Technology and Maintenance Council Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville, The Wabash National Corporation revealed its new refrigerated trailer series called The Molded Structural Composite Cold Chain Series.  This trailer has a thermal efficiency 25% better than anything else on the market, while also being 20% lighter.  The trailer utilizes sandwich technology in its all-composite sides and top.  Its floor has hollow aluminum extrusions with a composite structure, a mixture of polyester and polyurethane, laminated onto it instead of the traditional insulated floor placed on a steel cross-member structure.  The floor allows the trailer to carry both refrigerated and dry loads.

The floor of the trailer is 11 centimeters thick and has a rating of 24,000 pounds.  Most refrigerated trailers, or reefers, have floors that are 22 centimeters thick.  Reefers normally have a rating of 16,000 pounds, while non-refrigerated trailers, also called dry trailers, normally have a rating of 20,000 pounds. 

How does this technology help the industry?  Since this series of trailers can take both refrigerated and dry loads, it opens up the opportunity for more “backhauls,” which is carrying one load to a location and returning with another one.  That means that one truck can do the job of two trucks.  This cuts down on the time and money wasted by companies during shipping. 

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