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Four Semi Truck Apps to Make Trucking Life Easier

Owning a trucking company or being an independent trucker means dealing with paperwork, rising costs and more. It is no wonder that the trucking industry is turning to smartphone apps to solve some of these issues.  According to a survey, nearly half of truckers now use some kind of mobile app to increase efficiency, reduce costs and generally make trucking life easier. Here are four of the most popular.

Gas Buddy

One of the biggest expenses that a trucker or trucking company has is fuel. Gas Buddy helps reduce this cost by locating gas stations with the cheapest diesel. Even paying a few pennies less per gallon can add up to real savings.  The app lets drivers sort fueling stations by price and features.

Big Road

Why should a trucker hassle with paper documentation when he can use Big Road instead? This electronic log app locates weigh stations, forwards documentation to the home office and stores paperwork for future reference.  It makes paper logbooks a thing of the past.

Cost per Mile

Truckers and truck companies have to keep a vigilant eye on expenses if they are to turn a profit.  One way to do this is with Cost per Mile, an app that makes it easy to track business expenses and keep records of them all in one place.


Unforeseen traffic jams, toll booths and road construction only slow a trucker down, wasting time and money. Waze is an app that solves this problem by letting a driver know exactly what obstacles lie ahead and how long before he reaches them.  The app then suggests alternate routes.

Technology is changing the trucking industry, one app at a time.  As more apps become available, trucking will only become more efficient, benefiting both trucking companies and independent drivers.

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