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Cummins-Peterbilt May Ease Fuel Economy Concerns for Timber Companies

Fuel economy, it’s something that often weighs heavily on the minds of semi-truck industry members. In 2016, a notable influx of cash into the Department of Energy’s ongoing, SuperTruck II initiative helped ensure that. Now we’re seeing brand specific initiatives crop up that have our Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment team fired up over the future. For one, we’re excited about the Cummins-Peterbilt initiatives. Their SuperTruck really goes above and beyond what many in the semi-truck industry were hoping to achieve. Landon Sproull recently spelled out what makes the Cummins-Peterbilt trucks so special in an edition of the company’s newsletter, The Block. And with Bridgestone Americas, Inc. now agreeing to step in, we can only imagine what’s next.

Bridgestone Americas decided to partner with the semi-truck industry’s giants late last year. So our Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment Team suspect it will be some time before the latest round of Class 8 vehicles will make it to market. However, their arrival is sure to be fortuitous given advancements in the timber industry. In case you missed it, The News-Gazette and Mail Tribune report that things couldn’t be better as far as America’s loggers are concerned.

A new crop of engineered lumber products, technological advancements and expected changes to industry regulations are partially behind the uptick in sales. And understandably, companies will need to transport as much of the new product to America’s construct sites as efficiently as possible. Accordingly, we expect Peterbilt as well as other semi-truck manufacturers to help make that happen, sooner rather than later.

Until the latest vehicles are released, timber companies may turn to Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment for assistance. We have a fine inventory of Peterbilt, Freightliner Coronado, International and Volvo semi-trucks in stock that are good on gas. To learn more about buying one, please contact us at our Grand Rapids location today.

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