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General Truck Repair or a Specialty Garage: Which is Better for Your Semi-Truck?

Broken down trucks mean time off the road, and those lost hours or days can add up quickly. Whether your truck is making a clanking noise you don't trust or you can see a part starting to give way, you need a repair shop that ...

Expanded Heavy Truck Technicians Apprenticeships to Fill 28,000 Jobs

 28,000 Heavy Truck Technician Jobs to Fill The truck driver shortage isn't the only labor shortfall facing the transportation industry in 2018. The number of skilled technicians who keep the fleets rolling is also far below ...

How To Perform a Daily FMC Semi Truck Inspection

As with any vehicle, semi and heavy duty trucks must be carefully maintained to prevent major repairs. Part of maintaining your vehicle involves periodic inspections to ensure that everything is working properly. You don’t ...
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