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Handy USB and 12-Volt Appliances For Truckers

A truck's 12-volt and USB power ports are quite versatile. Small appliance manufacturers continue to develop more and more equipment that runs on this type of energy. These devices help truckers clean and enjoy hot meals on the go.

Vacuum Cleaner

Standard and even wet-dry vacuum cleaners can run on 12 volts. They make it easy to clean a vehicle's floors and seats at any time. These units are usually small and bagless.

Coffee Maker

If you want to save some money at the truck stop every morning, consider investing in a new 12-volt coffee maker. This machine's beverages are always fresh and you can easily control the strength of your coffee or tea.

Mug, Thermos

It's possible to buy a 12V heated thermos or mug and use it to keep drinks hot for longer periods of time. Select a model carefully; some units don't last very long before the heating element fails.

Cooking Options

If you'd like to prepare meals in your truck, look at portable lunchbox stoves and frying pans. Twelve volts can also energize a small slow cooker. If you drive while cooking food, don't forget to tightly secure the lid.


Truck appliances don't just heat food and drinks. You can also purchase a tiny refrigerator that runs on 12V power. This device helps truckers preserve leftovers and enjoy cold beverages during the summer.

USB Equipment

A standard USB port only delivers five volts, so it isn't capable of powering as many types of devices. Nonetheless, you can use it to run a small fanrechargeable flashlight or NOAA weather radio. There are also USB chargers for AAA and AA rechargeable batteries.

These compact appliances make life easier in many ways. Please remember our blog when you want to catch up on the latest trucking news and technology. Also, be sure to contact us if you need a dependable, competitively priced truck.

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