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Trucking Trends in 2020 to Impact a New Decade in the Industry

Trucking Trends in 2020 to Impact a New Decade in the Industry


With decades of dedication to the trucking industry, the team at Michigan Truck & Equipment (MTE) is excited to welcome in 2020 and the next decade of trucking. The next ten years may be some of the most dynamic times in the industry, especially if we get to see the solutions to those challenges we face as we leave 2019 behind, as reviewed on FleetOwner

As the FleetOwner article states, "since it's inception, the trucking industry has faced myriad challenges, and we have proven to be extremely resilient. The trucking industry is full of some very bright, creative thinkers." 

The Trends Expected to Impact the Trucking Industry in 2020

Found on Linchpin SEO, the author reviews those trends that may have a major effect on the trucking industry going into 2020. 

  • Trucking operation closures may continue to occur as in 2019, with one cause being a slowing retail demand for the movement of goods.
  • Efficient and streamlined operations are vital to the trucking industry, and technology is expected to continue to offer better software solutions.
  • Trucking company mergers may be the alternative to trucking operations shutting down.
  • Trucking manufacturers may shift locations to meet the demand for their products.
  • 2020 could be a positive turnaround year for the trucking industry.
  • The question of pricing is going to be vital to many trucking operations in 2020.
  • The growing e-commerce industry will positively affect the trucking industry.
  • Fuel costs continue to affect the industry, but innovative alternatives are emerging.
  • Urbanization is expected to help the trucking industry expand its growth.
  • Data analytics is forecasted to "help the trucking industry identify the areas that need development and also helps them understand the areas that they can improve on when it comes to making their operations more efficient."

MTE Trucking Solutions for the New Year and the New Decade

Whenever you're looking for exceptional sales, service, and warranty, Michigan Truck & Equipment sells all makes and models of previously-owned semi-trucks, trailers, and construction equipment. Our 12-bay NAPA Truck Service Center provides the quality service you need, and we make it our goal to get you back on the road as fast as possible. 

Come partner with the MTE team in 2020. We're here to help your trucking business successfully roll through 2020 and into the new decade. 

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