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Why Upgrade Your Construction Equipment Communication Technology?

Communication is the key to the successful, and safe, completion of any construction project. Both the equipment operator and the spotter must have the uninterrupted ability to transmit information. On some job sites, the only means of doing this is hand signals, while other sites incorporate two-way radios, or cell phones. While these types of technologies are, somewhat effective, they are not foolproof. If your company is still using these methods, consider these three compelling reasons to upgrade your construction equipment communication technology to one that's more reliable.

Communication Interference

On any job site, there are two types of interference that can complicate, or impede communication between operators and the rest of the crew. The first is lost line of sight. In other words, either the operator, or the spotter cannot see the other clearly, thus, instructions are missed. The second is electronic interference. This can happen with two-way radios, bluetooth devices and cell phones that are out of range. These devices also often require the operator to physically handle them to reply, which leads to unsafe conditions.

Delays & Missed Deadlines

Lack of communication leads to confusion about the next step in the process, or the precise movements that need to be made. This is frustrating for the operator, who relies upon his, or her, spotters to relay this vital information. If they're unable to receive the proper instructions, they are forced to wait, which causes delays, and worst yet, missed deadlines. These are costly for the client, the construction company, and it has a dramatic effect on the morale of the crew. Clear communication, on the other hand, eliminates this issue, and keeps jobs moving along at a steady pace.

Safety & Equipment Issues

Construction sites are inherently dangerous, simply due to the size of the equipment, number of activities happening at a time, and scale of the job. Communication is vital to the safe operation of heavy equipment. It is, perhaps, even more important than experience. If instructions are not adequately relayed, or missed by the operator, injuries and equipment damage can, and will, occur. Anytime there is an incident involving a piece of construction equipment, there will be an inquiry into the communication prior to the event.

To avoid the previous issues on your job site, consider upgrading your construction equipment communication technology. Sonetics wireless headsets and communication systems comes highly recommended because it allows hands-free, real-time communication. It can be connected to your current two-way radios, or cell phones and comes with comfortable headsets that make it easier for operators to wear them for long hours.

If you're interested in learning more about job site communication, safety issues, or anything else related to construction equipment, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly, experienced, knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 

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