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Don't Forget to Thank our Nation's Truck Drivers

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2019: September 8th-14th


Take a moment, and think about all the ways our lives are touched by the trucking industry, you will realize how important it is that we show appreciation to our truck drivers. 

  • How did that food get to your favorite grocery store?
  • How did the beautiful flowers get to the store where you bought them?
  • How are all those online orders getting delivered right to your door?
  • How did all the materials and supplies get delivered to build your home?

There are so many more items and products that truck drivers move across America. On American Trucking Associations, you can learn more about this week. Let's not wait until this one week. If you know or meet a truck driver, offer a word of thanks, because our lifestyles depend upon them.

Ways to Help our Truck Drivers Throughout the Year


There are some heartfelt ways of showing your appreciation to hard-working men and women this year and every year. FreightWaves shares information on those charities that are making a difference in the lives of our truck drivers. 

The MTE Team Appreciate our Truck Drivers with Commitment and Dedication


With sincere appreciation to all the hard-working truck drivers across America, the team at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment (MTE) would like to say THANK YOU! We make it our mission to show our daily dedication to our customers by providing dependable, pre-owned equipment for sale, fast and quality service, and the Napa Service Center network of warranties on parts and labor. 

We're located near US 131 and M-6 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we're here to keep our truck drivers moving America. Let's all help keep America on the move by appreciating the men and women who make it happen. Again, thank you to all of our truck drivers across America! The team at MTE is here to offer exceptional sales and service when you need it. 


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