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How ELD Data Can Help Promote Safety and Savings

With the roads and highways crowded with medium- and heavy-duty trucks along with passenger vehicles, safe driving is crucial. You have been reading our blogs focusing on safe driving, and we're committed to promoting driver safety along the roads, no matter what kind of vehicle you're driving. We all have to be alert and take care not to cause road and highway accidents.

It's important to keep up with the running statistics accumulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As this year's International Roadcheck has recently happened, it will be interesting to see the results that usually comes out close to the last quarter of the year. We will be sure to share the results once they are released.

What's Happening with ELD Data?

Found on Overdrive, you will read that the ELD data is becoming a golden opportunity for many involved in the transportation industry. The one thing that does help our owner-operators, as well as major fleets, is sharing their ELD information. Insurance companies are beginning to reward drivers with lower premiums. You can see that it pays to put safety first.

"Yet there's no doubt that the data sharing is off and running, whether as an outright sale, as a company's spinoff product or as part of a new joint venture." Hopefully, it will bring positive changes to the trucking industry to keep America on the move. 

Michigan Truck & Equipment (MTE) Keeping Your Equipment Ready for Transport

Located near U.S. 131 and M6 in Grand Rapids, MI, the MTE team is committed to quality and fast service. As part of the Napa Truck Service Center network, you have committed shops across America for peace of mind. We're here with not only highly-skilled technicians, but we also have the latest diagnostics for any make and model of medium- and heavy-duty equipment. 

Keep safe driving in mind, and bring your semi-trucks and construction equipment to us for quality maintenance and service. It is always our pleasure to help you keep moving across America. We're here for you in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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