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New President Appointed at Firestone Industrial Products

Truck News reports that Firestone Industrial Products has just appointed their new president to replace Craig Schneider, the recently appointed president of diversified products at Bridgestone Americas.

The new appointment has gone to the former director of fleet sales, truck, bus, and retread tires, Emily Poladian, a Purdue University grad with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering who has over 20 years of experience on the job. Taking the role of president, she'll be in charge of overseeing the more than 1,500 people employed by the FSIP across the globe.

Selected by Schneider himself to take on the role, he had many positive things to say about Poladian. When giving a statement on the change, he cited her many years of experience with the company in various positions ranging from product engineer, global manager of strategic planning, and the managing director for the Asia strategic business unit. "With her demonstrated understanding of the diversified products businesses and in conjunction with her expertise in other areas of the Bridgestone Americas portfolio, Emily is the right person to lead the business to continued growth and success," he said.

Elsewhere within the FSIP umbrella, Mary Kay Bryja was selected to become the new director for Ride-Rite. Previously the company's marketing manager since 2013, Bryja has a wealth of experience in the field that will serve her well in identifying new growth opportunities for Ride-Rite through marketing and sales. Upon her appointment, Corey Moore, managing director for the North American branch of the FSIP, called her "uniquely qualified" for the job, saying he looked forward to seeing what she would do as director going forward.

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