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Dump Trucks for all trades

Trucks are needed for various jobs. Think road construction projects, real estate projects, dam construction, moving of luggage or office equipment from location to location, disposal of trash and the list is long. My focus today is on trucks for construction work, road building projects, forestry jobs and maybe disposal of trash.

What would you consider a good dump truck to move lump of rock or construction material from point to point? This depends on how much you are willing to part with, the task it should perform and the quality to expect. You could even go for used trucks with proven records of reliability, efficiency, and robustness as sometimes new might not inspire confidence. But this doesn't stop you from getting a new one with superior quality.

Ordinary dump truck


There are many options and brands to choose from. In most scenarios, I would recommend engaging the services of an expert to avoid making blunders in your choices. The most widely used track is the standard dump truck. It is mostly characterized by a single front axle. The rear could have as many axles as the manufacturer finds sensible including unpowered axles to hold additional weight. It is fitted with a hydraulic ram that lifts the bed to allow its content to be deposited on the project ground behind the truck. It is however advised that it would not be suitable for work in soft soils. Due to their small size, steering them around is never a hassle.

Side dump truck

Another type is the side dump truck. As the name suggests, it offloads contents by tilting to the side. Due to its length and relative stability, the chances of it overturning are very unlikely. Its most visible limitation is the volume of content it carries – low volumes.

Transfer dump truck

Transfer dump truck is ideal for its ability to carry larger quantities of material and navigation ease. These trucks are attached to the back of a separate trailer that pulls them. Its maneuverability is an advantage. There could statutory regulations on weights in your state so please take caution when going for this type of vehicle.

Articulated trucks

Articulated trucks are trucks made for heavy loads and off-road construction, excavation or mining projects. They are made for endurance and strength. There are other forms of trucks tailored for different terrains and work specifications whose availability may also depend on country or state.


There are several other dump truck types that are made to fit in almost all scenarios of work. Please check our inventory to review our trucks on sale all . You can also drop us a message on what might interest you. We will be glad to assist you. If you don't see what you need contact us to see if we might have what you need.

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