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Maintain Great Drivers with Well-Maintained Trucks

Great Trucks and Driver Loyalty Built a Successful, Small Trucking Business 

This is a significant example of how running a small trucking company with loyalty and pride built a great trucking business. It is exciting to read about the success of a small trucking business as found on BizTimes. Reading about the business model with a focus to "develop driver loyalty and keeps them in a quality, well-maintained truck" certainly substantiates the importance of preventive maintenance and repairs.

Keeping Trucks Well-Maintained Has Multiple Benefits

It does take work to build a great business. By keeping your truck or fleet well-maintained, you will see that your business will run better. 

Increase Equipment Lifespan and Profit

Preventive Maintenance is vital to keeping your truck or fleet moving across the roads and highways. When you don't routinely maintain and service your expensive investment, you eventually will eat up hard-earned profits. Those overlooked minor repairs usually end up turning into major repairs. The best way to see an increasing return on investment (ROI) is to keep your investment well-maintained. 

Stay in Compliance: For Safety and Peace of Mind 

Running a big rig that doesn't meet safety regulations could result in being placed out-of-service with fines. Know the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) safety regulations and the fines as a result of non-compliance. Don't drive with the worries of breaking down, causing accidents, and losing your investment. 

Increase Business with a Better Appearance 

By keeping your semi-truck looking great as found on Smart Trucking, you are saying you care about yourself, your business, and those you service. "Take pride in your ride," and learn how to give it a thorough cleaning and wax. 

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment - The Partner to Help Increase Your ROI

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment takes great pride in serving our trucking industry, and we have built a business that your business can depend upon to keep your trucking company moving and making profits. Along with selling previously-owned semi-trucks, trailers, and construction equipment, our service is second to none. 

Our service team works hard to keep downtime to a minimum and deliver quality maintenance and repairs. We are also proud to be part of the NAPA Truck Service Center network, which gives our customers a service network across the country. 

When you become our customer, we build a partnership to keep your drivers and your business moving forward. Contact us to learn more about the entire team at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment. We are committed to keeping your equipment well-maintained and America on the move. 

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