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Millennials and Trucking Companies Need Each Other

Millennials' Online Ordering is Creating Opportunities for Trucking Companies 

E-commerce is the way of the world, and online ordering is making our lives easier, especially our millennials as found on Bloomberg. No longer are people going to stores to make purchases of big-ticket items such as furniture, grills and more. Trucking companies are making changes to evolve to reap the rewards of online ordering, delivery, and set up such as J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. "National trucking companies are plowing investment into winning the business by displacing or buying up local operators." With the short supply of truck drivers, rates are going to begin to rise as the economics of supply and demand works. There is an answer to the problem.

Truck Driver Positions - Great Opportunities for Millennials 

Many people know that our trucking industry is facing a crisis with a shortage of truck drivers. The ones that we do have are on the average 55 or older. As you will find on NBC News, millennials have the opportunity to become a truck driver and make a good income. As noted, companies are willing to pay for the special training an individual needs to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Even when autonomous driving trucks are more available in about 10-15 years, drivers will not be replaced as NBC News article reports. Autonomous driving trucks will still need drivers for part of the driving needed such as "emergencies, for handling the exit or entrance from the interstates, and for actually driving on the local roads."

The technology of these self-driving vehicles may be the excitement the millennials need to get them onboard. Millennials should begin getting the training they need to be invaluable when the autonomous-driving trucks take over the roads. The future of truck driving is going to be exciting. 

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment - The Opportunity for Excellent Sales and Service

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