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Seasoned Truckers Offer Winter Driving Tips

The First Step is Preparing Your Big Rigs for Winter

The team at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment (MTE) wants to help get your fleet ready for winter. Driving across the winter roads makes this tough job even tougher. 

Valuable Driving Tips for the Winter Months

Snow has arrived. Many people do not think driving across snow is dangerous. The danger is the layer of ice that may be lying underneath the white carpet of snow. Icey and snow-covered roads can be dangerous to any vehicle, especially our big rigs. If you're not a seasoned truck driver, and you will be traveling through the winters elements, you may benefit from these tips written with experience.

Found on Smart Trucking, "15 ESSENTIAL WINTER TRUCKING SAFETY TIPS" by CATMAC22* (2018, January 16), novice truckers can benefit from our veteran truckers. Part of the author's tips is making sure your semis are ready to go. Drivers should do the "circle check" over the road. Don't forget your semi-trailers. 

The author's first point is that SLOW is the speed to go when encountering snow-covered roads, especially driving on a downgrade. The YouTube video regarding "How to Climb & Descend a Slippery Grade in a Tractor Trailer" may offer information that some truckers have never experienced. To better reinforce the video, here is another Smart Truckingwrite-up on driving in the mountains that talks about winter conditions. 

The author also mentions using the Jake Brake. It is vital that truck drivers understand when and how to use this trucking feature. Another Smart Trucking article that offers a few more tips for driving over the winter roads stresses how smart it is to stay put when the weather conditions are too dangerous. 

Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment - Your Grand Rapids One-Stop-Shop

We have the experience, the parts, and we have the best technology. Most of all, we have the most highly-skilled, service team in the Grand Rapids area, and we will get your trucks and trailers inspected and serviced for winter travel. Call the MTE team today for all your trucking needs. With holidays upon us, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. 

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