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Volvo's Diesel Trucks Hit Snag in Complying with Emissions Regulations

Truckinginfo reports on a statement made by the Volvo Group warning of a deficiency found within their semi-truck's emission control mechanisms, an announcement leaving truckers, investors, and industry officials equally upset.

According to the report, Volvo's internal testing has revealed that the selective catalytic reduction system installed in their trucks is not working as intended. This mechanism, which is meant to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide gas released into the atmosphere as a result of burning diesel fuel, was found to degrade much faster than anticipated. As a result, this part would stop functioning as intended and begin polluting at much higher volumes than are currently regulated.

Volvo's senior vice president of media relations, Claes Eliasson, commented that tests are currently underway to determine the full scope of the issue. For the time being, there's no clear answer as to the environmental or financial impact this defect may have. He stressed, however, that all semi-trucks produced by the company currently meet emission regulations at the time of being shipped to customers and that this defect does not affect the performance of vehicles in any other way.

Current analysis indicates that the majority of affected vehicles currently reside within North America and Europe. What course of action the company will take upon completion of their analysis is not yet known, though the likely candidate would be a product recall. At present, all trucks with the defective part are currently street legal and comply with environmental regulations on emissions, though how long this will remain true remains to be seen. For further information on the topic, Volvo's original statement on the matter can be found here.

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