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John Deere and Telogis Partnering to Offer New Software for Construction Equipment Fleets

Maintaining a fleet of construction equipment is a tricky job requiring excellent attention to detail and top-notch multitasking skills. Ensuring proper maintenance, tracking equipment from one project to the next, and monitoring costs are just a few of the important tasks a fleet manager deals with on a daily basis. Construction companies depend on a fleet manager to maximize productivity and increase ROI on each piece of equipment to ensure profitability. A recent partnership between John Deere and Telogis (a Verizon Company's Mobile Resource Management platform) is going to make fleet manager's jobs a lot easier.

Telogis technology will allow construction companies to track and manage all of their connected John Deere equipment using one single platform. Rather than dealing with a surplus of manual data entry, the platform will utilize John Deere's built-in connectivity and improve productivity and efficiency--saving valuable time and money. Benefits include reports and alerts regarding job site utilization, fuel consumption, detailed diagnostic codes, and JD Link. JD Link allows customers to connect directly with John Deere to schedule appointments, find a local dealer, troubleshoot equipment, or order parts.   

Understanding exactly how construction equipment is being utilized will help fleet managers pinpoint problems that may be causing inefficiencies. Telogis' software platform allows construction companies to maximize productivity and ensure properly maintained vehicles and a safer environment for construction crews. Each new piece of John Deere equipment will have access to Telogis' platform, and even mixed fleets will be able to utilize this mobile platform using one login to manage all of their equipment. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about this exciting new development. 

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