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A Brief History Of Volvo Trucks

Volvo is a Swedish company with many branches in the automotive industry. The Volvo name is instantly recognizable. Their work in the car manufacturing industry has a global reach that's lasted for decades.

But when did they get involved with trucking?

The first Volvo was created in 1927—it was called the Volvo ÖV 4. The founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson, had set the bar high for automotive standards with their new car.

But they needed reliable transportation that could withstand the brutality of Swedish weather. By 1928 the team developed their first truck, a pickup truck known today as Series 1.

Over the decades, Volvo produced more pickups to accompany their line of cars. And as time progressed, the company noticed a new potential area of revenue.

Perhaps the biggest push into trucking was Volvo's acquisition of White Trucks in 1980. Ever since, Volvo has become notorious for its acquisition of existing truck brands. Other big purchases include Mack and Renault Trucks.

Today the company creates their own line of trucks through a branch known as Volvo Trucks. The current series of trucks reaches new industry standards, just as they did back in 1920's Sweden. The company aims for top fuel efficiency and even offers alternative fuel options.

Volvo Trucks are notorious for their high quality interiors. Many feature clean, modern designs optimized for comfort.

In addition to driver comfort, the company leverages plenty of focus on driver safety. This shouldn't be a surprise—the company invented the three-point safety belt. The company has a mission known as their Zero Accident Vision, with the goal of ensuring no Volvo is never a factor in vehicle accidents.

Simply put, Volvo's are top of the line trucks with a proven track record of success.

Michigan Truck & Equipment offers multiple Volvo trucks. The team is supported by American Truck Protection and National Truck Protection to provide comprehensive warranty options.

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