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Winter Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips

When the days grow shorter and the weather takes on a brisk feeling, you know that winter is right around the corner. Winter semi-truck maintenance is essential to keep your rig running smoothly during adverse weather conditions. 

Here is a pre-winter semi-truck maintenance checklist.

Check Lights -- Blizzard like conditions make seeing on roadways difficult. You might not be able to see clearly and other drivers might not see you if your lights are not working properly. Clean your headlights and check all lights on your truck and trailer. Make sure that everything is working brightly.

Winter Front -- Prior to the snow falling, it's always a good idea to install your truck's winter front. A winter front helps your truck start and warm faster.

Check Battery -- Heavy duty batteries require at least two to three years of life to successfully make it through a harsh, extreme winter. Prior to the cold weather hitting, if your battery is older, you might want to consider replacing it with a new model.

Inspect Parts -- Harsh winter weather is notorious for taking a toll on coils, belts, and cords. Autumn is the ideal time to give the truck's parts a close inspection so you can replace anything that needs to be replaced before it breaks or fails. 

Coolant -- As sub-zero temperatures approach, it's time to check your truck's coolant levels. If the coolant levels are not at full, you will want to check your truck's system for possible leaks. You should also always check the coolant 's freeze point to make sure it's sufficient. 

Tires -- Look closely at your truck's tires for signs of wear and check their pressure levels. HDT Heavy Duty Trucking suggests frequently checking the pressure in your tires to make sure they are inflated correctly to prevent excessive slipping on winter ice and help avoid a possible accident. Also, take the time to go over your tire chains to make sure they are in good working order and that you do not need to replace or repair any of them.

Fuel -- Use winter weight fuel when driving in excessively cold northern climates, and consider adding additives. Correctly blended fuel and additives can prevent possible fuel waxing. 

The seasons are changing, but you still have time to properly maintain your truck and prepare before Old Man Winter arrives. If you need any parts or have questions please contact Michigan Truck And Equipment Sales. We are a full-service center that provides parts and service for all trucks. 

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