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Kenworth - An Evolution from Buses to Class 8 Trucks

In Portland during 1912, two brothers, George T. and Louis Gerlinger, Jr, laid the foundation for a school bus and transit bus manufacturing company. Little did they think about the future of this company with very humble beginnings that they began. Today, Kenworth is a leading manufacturer of heavy haulage rigs and semi-trailers, all thanks to its innovation in the world of trucking.

The Transition from Buses to Trucks:

The company holds a distinctive place in the truck manufacturing industry. But, very few people know about its origination as a bus manufacturing company. These buses sought inspiration from Gersix chassis and had a wheelbase of 212 inches. They were designed as a transportation workhorse of that era.

The company moved to Tacoma Washington in 1916 where the founders took a lease from Edgar K Worthington. He was impressed with its success. Later, in 1917, Worthington with his partner Captain Kent bought this company. Due to its consistent progression, it was reincorporated as Kenworth in 1928. They started with the manufacturing of buses and truck spares. Over the years, it has successfully carved its niche in the industry.

It was again sold to Pacific Car and Foundry Company in the year 1945 which was later reformed as PACCAR Inc. 

What's Behind the Success?

With fundamental values at the core of its existence, Kenworth made significant progress as the most accredited truck manufacturer in the USA. It was founded on the strong pillars of innovation, performance, and quality in its success. Thankfully, it follows the same ethos even in the contemporary context. Durability and performance are the key attributes of products manufactured by the company.

Where It Stands Today?

In 2014, Kenworth manufactured its one-millionth truck at Ohio facility. Later in 2016, it started using an advanced PACCAR MX-11 engine and an aerodynamic technology to tread easily on the roads.

The company is committed towards its corporate social responsibilities and maintains ethical standards in its manufacturing facilities.

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